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The 5 rooms of internal communications: Workshop

King Frederick II of Prussia loved potatoes.

He loved them so much he wanted all his subjects to love them too. But they didn’t.

The Prussians loathed potatoes. Even in the midst of a famine, spuds were off the menu. “They have neither smell nor taste, not even the dogs will eat them!” When Frederick threatened to cut off their nose and ears…

They replied, “No Spud-We-Like!”

So Frederick changed tactics. To something rather more effective, tactics you can apply to internal communication today. Pretty soon, Prussians were secretly growing their own spuds, creating a huge underground market in mash.

What did Frederick do?

You’ll have to come to the 5 Rooms of Internal Communication workshop to find out! Find out more.


The training workshop based program focuses on a comprehensive understanding of what millennial engagement entails. The key takeaway for participants would be a thorough understanding of the practice of engagement, and the ability to leverage organizational design and leadership style for engaging millennials at workplace. Find out more.

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